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New rice 21

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Lin Yingchun Guo Lingling Huang Sheng Cai Jun

(the Tarim River in Xinjiang seed industry Limited by Share Ltd, Xinjiang in 843300)

New rice No. 21 (the original code 97-21-7) is Xinjiang Tarim River seed industry share limited company by artificial hybridization method, after years of breeding. February 2008 was approved by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region crop variety Approval Committee and named.

1 breeding process

Selection of A rice No. 4 as female parent and 10-20 as male parent strains, the artificial hybridization in 1997, when planted in Hainan Island F1. The year 1998 planting F2, selected 41 superior plants planted in 1999, F3, select the superior individual an outstanding performance, codenamed 97-21. 2000 -2001 years of planting F4-F5, observe the agronomic stability, seedling growth, compact plant, heading uniformity, mature, comprehensive performance good shape. In 2004 F8, to yield comparison test. 2005 -2006 years in Rice Regional Test of autonomous ordinary group. 2007 to participate in the autonomous region of ordinary rice production demonstration test group.

The yield of 2

Comparative experiment, 2004 in Alar fine numerous field in strain comparison test, average per unit area yield 770kg/667 square meters (a 1 mu, the same below), Akita Komachi yield 7.54% compared with that of the control, ranked second in the yield among the experimental group.

Regional test: 2005-2006 in the autonomous region of rice group of ordinary regional test, two years test average per unit area yield 771.29kg/667 square meters, Akita Komachi yields 6.58% than that of the control.

Demonstration experiment: 2007 autonomous region rice group of ordinary production demonstration test, average per unit area yield 736.67kg/667 square meters, Akita Komachi yield 8.47% than that of the control, production ranks second in the the experimental group.

3 characteristic property

The varieties of late maturing japonica rice. The whole growth period of about 150D, height 75-80cm, compact plant. Seedling growth, stem thick, hard, lift sword erect leaf, growing steadily, uniform, cold resistance, lodging resistance, disease resistance and strong adaptability. Panicle type curve a half loose state, ear length 18-19cm, total grain number per panicle 113-124 grain, seed rate at about 90%, grain long elliptical shape, retaining Ying yellow, with sparse short awn, about 24g of 1000 grain weight. The Ministry of agriculture, rice and rice products quality supervision, inspection and Testing Center (Hangzhou) rice quality analysis, the results are as follows: 82.0% rate of brown rice, milled rice rate was 74.3%, head milled rice rate of 67.5% and 5.3mm grain length, length and width ratio of 2.0, chalky rice rate of 12%, chalkiness 1.6%, transparency level 2, alkali digestion value 7.0, straight chain starch content 18.4%, gel consistency 72mm, protein content of 6.8%.

4 high yield Cultivation Techniques

4.1 suitable area

Southern Xinjiang, northern Changji, Yili Prefecture of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps on farms and plain rice, effective accumulated temperature is equal to or more than 10 DEG C in more than 3200 DEG C area planted, can normal mature.

4.2 timely sowing

Akesu area and Nongyishi plain rice cultivation and sowing date in late April to early May. Transplanting cultivation in early April the film seedling, 5 month transplanting, seedling age master in 30d as well, Aksu area to the south of sowing date can be appropriate to defer, to the North should be properly in advance.

4.3 reasonable density

According to the varieties of compact plant type, plant height, stalk hard, lodging resistance, disease resistance, suitable for planting and cultivation. Direct seeding plots sown 10-12kg/667 square meters, require uniform sowing, basic seedlings for 20-25 million plants per 667 square meters, effective spike is 40 to 45 million per 667 square meters; in sowing and seedling amount per square meters of basic seedlings for 10-12 thousand plants per 667 square meters, the effective panicle for 40 to 45 million per 667 square meters.

4.4 scientific fertilization

Requirements shizujifei, heavy miaofei, skillfully used the principle of panicle fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer in the organic manure, fertilizer amount is 40-50kg/667 square meters. Note that the proportion of nitrogen and phosphorus, with 3:1 as well, at the same time at seedling stage applying zinc fertilizer 2-3kg/667 square meters, the effect is better.

4.5 field management

According to the physiological characteristics of rice water, seedlings to shallow water, before jointing 7-10 appropriate drying field and later take dry wet alternate irrigation. During the whole growth period, should take effective measures to prevent weed and pest harm to ensure that the rice normal growth and development.

4.6 harvest time

Mature rice in time after harvest, which not only can reduce the field loss, but also can improve the quality of rice.

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