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Xinhai No. 37

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1 variety characteristics: the variety of growth period of 145 days or so. Plant type cylinder, more compact, the height is 110cm, the stem is thick, corolla yellow. Zero fruit branch. Cotyledon kidney type, light leaf color, leaf split 5 pieces, a deep, leaf size, leaf color green, leaf pubescence more. In the bell type, there was a clear oil gland point on the bell surface, the bell mouth was pointed, and the bell room was more than 3. Single boll weight 3.2-3.4 G. The smooth and concentrated, good picking flowers, color white floc. Seed cone, large, dark brown hair with grey green seed linter. Fertilizer and water resistance of the varieties, boll, yield is good, strong adaptability, not premature aging, resistance to leaf disease, high resistance to Fusarium wilt disease and tolerance to Verticillium wilt.

2. Economic traits: Lint 32.7%, on average half the length 36.6mm, neat index 88.6, specific strength 45.2cn/tex, 5.13% elongation, micronaire value 4.06.

3 level of output:

2008-2009 two-year regional trial of average results: per mu of seed cotton and lint, pre frost lint yield respectively 325.9 kg, 10.71 kg, 100.8 kg, respectively for control Xinhai 21 106.6%, 107%, 108.1. Flower before frost was 84.7%, boll weight 3.28 grams, lint percentage 32.7%. 2010 autonomous region in southern Xinjiang long staple cotton production test per mu of seed cotton and lint, pre frost lint yield respectively kg 317.57, 103.32 kg, kg 102.62, respectively for control of Xinhai 28 108.05%, 113.41%, 113.24%. The above general Oda 140kg/mu lint yield, high-yield lint yield about 160kg/mu.

4 cultivation techniques

Sowing date and sowing density: in mid April, 13000 - 15000 plastic mulching cultivation, seedling plants / mu.

Fertilization and irrigation: base fertilizer oil check 80 - 100kg/mu, urea 20kg/mu, three material phosphorus 15kg/mu, under furrow irrigation and fertilization twice, first head of urea 8kg/mu, diammonium 7kg/mu, second second water before urea 10kg/mu. Irrigation 4 times, 8 months late without water, fertilizer, drought and prevent late. Under the condition of drip irrigation, dripping about 10 times, each content in the 20-30 square, topdressing available special fertilizer for drip irrigation, or urea, amount of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, fertilizer with with water application, drip application 6 times, respectively in the early late October, 7 June and mid July and late July, early August, mid August.

Regulation: according to cotton growth, light regulation, plant height at 110 - 120cm.

5 scope: South Xinjiang long staple cotton cotton.

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