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Xinhai No. 38

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A breeding unit

The Tarim River in Xinjiang seed industry Limited by Share Ltd

Two, breed origin

Company R & D center, good quality and disease resistant strains to 301 as female parent Xinhai No. 38 (TH-108), with high yield strain 107 as male parent, after consecutive years in intensive field of directional selection, and of Hainan generation breeding new strains, from 2004 to 2006 were carried out by Department of comparative test, the strain resistance, high yield and quality showed better. In 2007, autonomous region southern early leader wool pretest; 2008-2009 in autonomous region in southern Xinjiang early maturing leader cotton regional test; 2010 to participate in the autonomous region in southern Xinjiang premature leader cotton production test.

Three, transgenic

This species is a non transgenic cotton varieties

Four, characteristics

146.6 days growing period of Xinhai No. 38, plant is cylindrical, stiff straw, lodging resistance, zero fruit branch, was characterized by the compact plant type, plant height at 100cm, medium-sized leaves, leaf green, palmate leaves deeply lobed. Bell long ovoid, bell oil significantly, more than three rooms, boll weight 3.02 grams, lint 31.7%, pre frost yield 93.64%. The plant is clear, light ventilation; early flowering and boll setting, no premature senility, easy picking flowers, smooth opening, suitable. High productivity and good quality. 2008-2010 cotton fiber testing center test results mean: the first half of the average length of 36.97mm, the uniformity of 89.16%, than the strength of 45.48cn/tex, micronaire value 4.25.

Five, yield performance

2008-2009 two-year regional test results mean: seed cotton and lint, pre frost lint yield respectively 345.7 kg / mu, 109.1 kg / mu, 102.4 kilograms / mu, respectively control of 113% and 109.1, 109.9%. Experimental results of 2010 production, seed cotton yield and lint yield, before the frost lint yield respectively for kg 326.55 / mu, kg 103.78 / mu, kg 102.79 / mu, respectively, for control of Xinhai 28 111.11%, 113.92%, 113.43%.

Six, the main points of cultivation

In mid April 1, sowing in the southern region, plastic film mulching cultivation. The lines of small leaves, zero fruit branch, boll stalk is short and erect, suitable for planting.

2, due to its blooming bell fast, application of plantar fat, Huafei replicating bud, flower and boll stage do foliar fertilization. In later stage. The combination of drip irrigation water of urea, increase the top rate of boll. 8 months late without water, fertilizer, drought and prevent late.

3, according to the regulation of water and fertilizer in cotton growing comprehensive use of height control in 100-110cm.

Seven, suitable planting area

The variety was suitable for planting in Akesu, southern Korla, Kashi and other regions

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